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Individual and Package Transformational Health Journey Offerings

Individual 1.5 hour Personalized Nutrition and Health Coaching intake session

90-minute deep dive into diet, lifestyle, symptoms and medical history where we connect the dots in your medical and health story and create a practical plan to help you reach your health goals

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Investment: $297

5 session package

Initial 1.5 hour personalized nutrition and health coaching intake session

4 40-minute personalized nutrition and health coaching follow-up sessions

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Unlimited support via telehealth platform messaging in-between booked sessions (Tuesday-Saturday)

Investment: $697

7 session package

Initial 1.5 hour personalized nutrition and health coaching intake session

6 40-minute personalized nutrition and health coaching follow-up sessions

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Unlimited support via telehealth platform messaging in-between booked sessions (Tuesday-Saturday)

Investment: $847

Have questions? See the FAQ (frequently asked questions) below:

Integrative and functional nutrition uses a root cause systems-based approach to identify and treat underlying imbalances and symptoms in the body. Instead of merely masking symptoms, it uses in-depth patient medical histories and assessment, lab work analysis, and a deep dive on diet and lifestyle to pinpoint the actual true causes of illness and disease. It is all about understanding why you are having those symptoms and healing those imbalances, and not just treating surface level symptoms. It also uses a whole body systems approach, taking into account how each organ system affects each other and works together as well.

My assessment is very thorough and will include things that can often be missed in other provider visits such as psychological health, spiritual well-being, and loneliness/social engagement. After doing holistic, rigorous and detailed health detective work, I will use integrative and functional nutrition approaches to address the underlying causes of illness, symptoms and disease. These could include: therapeutic diet and lifestyle plans, supplements, herbal formulas, behavior change and other interventions. All of the healing protocols I create for my clients are customized and personalized for their unique constitution and needs, and are not cookie cutter cut-outs that apply to everyone. You are one of a kind and your treatment plan should be too!

After completing a 1,200 hour internship in a hospital in the area of clinical, foodservice and community nutrition, dietitians who choose to specialize in integrative and functional nutrition can complete further coursework and training. These additional programs cover the fundamentals and advanced concepts of integrative and functional nutrition such as supplements, functional blood work interpretation, integrative and functional approaches to treating health conditions and more. 

I completed my first certification in integrative and functional nutrition through the prestigious and all-inclusive Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA). It’s composed of 5 tracks with 33 in-depth modules covering everything from functional lab work interpretation to case study analysis. I then went on to complete additional integrative and functional medicine training with Dr. Aviva Romm as a part of her New Medicine for Women course. It is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth integrative and functional medicine programs available. It is a rigorous 9-month long program with 18 modules of thorough instruction and analysis of functional and integrative approaches to preventative health and disease treatment and management. It contains over 280 hours of coursework including live interactive virtual seminars with Dr. Aviva Romm.

I regularly attend integrative and functional nutrition webinars and read research articles as well as books to stay up to date on the latest integrative and functional news, treatments and modalities that I can use to help my clients heal.

Health coaching is a type of supportive, positive and client-directed conversation whereby the client gains the confidence, motivation, and skills to become active participants in achieving their self-identified health and wellness goals. Health coaching is a client-led and client-focused approach to initiating and sustaining behavior change. It is an empowering approach that encourages the client to take charge of their own health and wellness journey. Client who work with a health coach attain their health goals more quickly, smoothly and easily  and are able to maintain their progress better compared to those who do not use health coaching. 

I have done formal health coaching coursework through WellCoaches school of coaching as well as have two years of experience working as a registered dietitian health coach. In this position, I successfully helped my clients manage and sometimes reverse chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and prediabetes.

The purpose of the required free 20-minute Discovery call is so I can answer any questions you may have about me or my practice along with making sure we are a good fit for one another in working towards your health goals together.

The initial 90-minute session is for us to go over all of the intake questionnaire forms that you filled out, and to clarify the timeline of your medical history and story, as well as to pinpoint the focus areas of our work together and the health goals you wish to achieve. We will come up with a good plan for your care so you know exactly how to move forward. Since it is 1.5 hours long, there is also time for you to ask me any questions you may have as well.

The 40-minute follow-up sessions are to support you with the different diet and lifestyle changes you are implementing, to adjust current goals or to make new goals, to go over any bloodwork or any other medical testing you had, and also for me to answer any questions you may have. 

Diet and lifestyle change is a journey that is different for everyone. Depending on your health goals and ability to make and sustain behavior changes, I recommend working with me for at least 3 months. Sessions can be purchased a la carte and as 5 and 7 session packages.

Yes, you can purchase an individual 90-minute Personalized Nutrition and Health Coaching session with me for $297 and it is listed above in my session offerings. 

If you would like to purchase individual 40-minute follow-up sessions, they are $127 each. Please email me at if you are interested in these options.

I highly recommend purchasing a session package however, for accountability and diet/behavior change success purposes, and for the significant discount offered when you purchase sessions as a package instead of individually. The 5 session package is discounted by approximately 13% compared to purchasing the sessions individually, and the 7 session package has a discount of approximately 20%. 

Unfortunately, accepting insurance limits the amount of time I can spend with clients, along with not allowing me to do necessary things such as messaging and emailing in between sessions etc. Thus, to give my clients the VIP experience, and to ensure that I am able to provide the best care possible, I am not accepting any insurance plans at this time. 

I can, however, provide you with a superbill, which is basically a detailed invoice/receipt, which you can then submit to your insurance provider for potential out-of-network reimbursement of our sessions. 

I understand that everyone is in a different financial position and would never want paying my session fees to cause undue stress and financial burden. Thus, I do offer a sliding scale fee for my individual and session packages on a first-come, first-serve, highly limited basis. Please get in touch with me via my email,, if you will need this option in order to work with me. If the limited number of slots I have available for this option are still open, we can discuss further.

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